Thursday, December 25, 2014

VIDEO| Odeng 오뎅 | Eomuk (어묵) | Korean food porn

VIDEO| Odeng 오뎅 |  Eomuk (어묵) |  Korean food porn

Odeng is fish cake and it's a popular street food in Korea.



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VIDEO | Cool Korean Things to Buy | Korea Travel Guide (Part II)

VIDEO | Cool Korean Things to Buy | Korea Travel Guide   (Part II)

. Visit Korea: A Guide to Cool "Korean" Things to Buy

What top products should you buy on your visit to Korea? What should you get at Namdaemun or Myeongdong?

VIDEO |Cool Korean Things to Buy | Korea Travel Guide (Part I)

A Guide to Cool "Korean" Things to Buy in Korea

What should you buy on your next visit to Korea? What should you get at Namdaemun or Myeongdong? Korea

VIDEO: Toto Toilets: Luxury Toilets in Japan & Korea

VIDEO: Toto Toilets: Luxury Toilets in Japan & Korea

What are Toto Toilets in Japan? 

Toto is a popular brand of toilets and if you've ever tried one, you'll find out why. It's one of the luxe/aka luxury

Travel Tips: How to Use the Asian Squat Toilet (VIDEO)

Travel Tips: How to Use the Asian Squat Toilet (VIDEO)

Older parts of Korea can have these types of toilets. Although this is filmed in Southeast Asia, there

VIDEO | My Korean Apartment Tour

VIDEO | My Korean Apartment Tour


More about Korean lifestyle & apartments:

GRRRL Goes Whimpery in Korea & Survival Tips when things go bad in Korea

VIDEO | Visiting Mr.Toilet Museum in Suwon, South Korea

VIDEO |Visiting Mr.Toilet Museum in Suwon, South Korea


Toilet Museum in Suwon

Suwon city is known for having some of Korea's ancient and historical sites, but did you know that it also has a reputation for having some of the cleanest toilets in Korea? Who knew?

Friday, November 15, 2013

Mock Teaching Interviews & How to Teach English in Korea & Japan

It's been a while since I've posted anything on this site. But I'm starting to entertain teaching abroad again, so we'll see...

If you're new to teaching in Korea, this might be helpful. It's a rough breakdown of types of teachers they're looking for and how you'll be teaching if you don't know the language or have never taught before.  

As I've been asked to do mock teaching interviews for universities and recently, a private academy, I thought I'd do a video about mock teaching and lesson plans.   I've also posted more information on my GRRRLTRAVELER site here.

 If you're interested in teaching in Korea, visit my resource page here.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Grand Opening of "The Face Shop" in Aiea!

If you like Korean facial products and live in Hawaii then you're in for good news.

This Saturday, August 3rd is the opening of "The Face Shop" store in Aiea at Waimalu Shopping Plaza!  You might have seen other Face Shop stores in town and this is one for Leeward residents. There will be Kim Hyun Joong products (for those Kim Hyun Joong fans :), and discounts in the store for its grand opening this Saturday.

The Face Shop sells Korean facial and makeup products, and is very popular in Korea. 

Monday, May 13, 2013

Culture Clash, Korean dramas and Bad Engrish

From the Korean Drama, "Sweet  Spy".

I know I have a lot of fans of KOREA and this was too funny, not to share here.

Korea has a weird obsession with the U.S. and using ENGLISH. It's a weird status symbol for them and in K-DRAMAS, only wealthy & successful people travel or study in America.

So, I caught this scene glitch in a K-drama show. It's NOT meant to be a joke. For those who aren't AMERICAN, they make a reference to SEARS, like it's a high class store.

For Americans, Sears is known as a department store with cheap non-brand clothes and accessories.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Kim Ji Hun lei'd by fans in Hawaii

kim ji hun leid in hawaii, kim ji hun vacationing in Hawaii, 킴 지훈 visits Hawaii 2013
Kim Ji Hun autographs a photo for a Hawaii fan

 After a four hour plane delay in Las Vegas, Wish Upon a Star Korean-drama star, Kim Ji Hun finally arrived into Honolulu Airport and was greeted by fans, with leis and gifts. The actor seemed surprised to have fans waiting for him, but was gracious and generous to take photos with each of his fans.  

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Hallyu star Kim Ji Hun makes a special appearance for Hawaii drama fans

Wish Upon a Star Kim Jihoon, kim jihoon in Hawaii, korean drama star visit Hawaii, Korean star Kim Jihoon makes special appearance in Hawaii
If you're a fan of  K-drama actor, Kim Jihoon, then here's your chance to meet him and take pictures with him in person!

The drama star of Wish upon a Star, Empress Cheongu or  Golden Apple and many others, is making an appearance in Hawaii this month and the date is coming up quick. There will be a meet and greet session for fans

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Top 5 fun souvenirs can you get in Korea?

What will you bring back from Korea?

If you’re visiting Korea and shopping for gifts and souvenirs to bring back for family and friends, there's a possibility you don't want to weigh down your luggage excessively with a ton of heavy or fragile stuff. Or maybe you're on a budget and just need to get some fun cute things for office colleagues. Here’s 5 fun and interesting ideas for you.
Seeing as I post more of my travel related stuff on my GRRRL TRAVELER.COM site, you'll need to click here to be redirected to the entire article. Apologies for the redirect, but I promise, it'll be fun and perhaps a little enlightening.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Korean skin care companies come to Hawaii

Kim Hyun Joong, the posterboy for The Faceshop

I've been a fan of The Faceshop for a few years now. I love their skin care products because it always leaves a fresh and clean feeling on my skin, I like their clean green and white branding and the face of Kim Hyun Joong (and occasionally Won Bin) as their poster boy isn't so hard on the eyes either.

Won Bin for the The Smim products at Faceshop

So the good news is that The Faceshop just opened a brand new second shop in Ward Warehouse. The first one opened in Mc Cully Shopping Center and they're also hoping to open a few more

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Daniel Henney makes special appearance at Honolulu International Film Festival with film, 'Shanghai Calling'

Photo: Shanghai Calling 
What are some reasons why Korean drama fans should check out the Honolulu International Film Festival?...

These days, it seems that HIFF is bringing in more Korean films to satiate Hawaii's love for Asian films and to feed the growing enthusiasm towards Korean films. It could be the due to the rise of Korean drama fans and audiences in the Hawaiian Islands. This past season's lineup sported a wealth of Korean films that have hit theaters in Korea and made a popular splash, such as The Thieves.

Another reason to check out HIFF?

Well, you never know who you might see...

This past Friday, Daniel Henney make a special guest appearance at the festival for his new film, Shanghai Calling.

Okay, so the film wasn't Korean. It was based in China and Henney plays a Chinese-American lawyer

Hallyu 2 Hawaii on Blogger

So dear readers, Hallyu 2 Hawaii is starting life anew on Blogger!

We were originally on Wordpress but decided to change over.  As we already have other existing sites here such as My Crazy Kimchi (ESL teaching), my travel photography site and a Hanguk Drama Hawaii club site here at blogger, it just seemed to make sense. Now, the design templates aren't as elegant as Wordpress, but we feel in the long-run, this will be much easier to handle.

Apologies for the changes and hope you will all choose to switch over and join us here.

Friday, September 14, 2012

The Secret to Getting Perfect K-pop Skin & Skincare for Men

lee min ho skin care
Lee Min Ho for Etude House

. Earlier, I wrote about BB cream as being one of the secrets to Hallyu skin, but obviously in Korea, there's more. A lot of it has to do with skin care shops, skin clinics and dermatologists ....and yes, plastic surgeons.

 If you've been watching the videos I've been posting, then you know by now, that good looks are highly prized in Korea and the social pressure to look good, even if you're an average person, is still there.

 Men and women can wear makeup and as I said with my BB cream post, many Hallyu stars promote skin care and makeup lines. Korea's kind of unique that way. In  the U.S., Hollywood male stars don't promote much in the way of skin care.  I'd say it's pretty non-existent. At the most, they'd do

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Film Location: Jeju Island, Teddy Bear Museums and Korean Drama sites

The cast of Goong 

 If you’ve ever seen the popular K-drama showThe Palace (or Gung or Princess Diaries), then you’ll know part of the fascination tourists visiting Korea can have with the Teddy Bear Museum on Jeju Island.

 The show features cute opening and closing scenes with teddies re-enacting scenes which took place in

Friday, August 24, 2012

[* Video Pick Fridays *] Why are Koreans so into their Looks & Plastic surgery?

Why are Koreans so into their Looks?

Video Pick Fridays picks this video as #1 of a two part series looking at 'Beauty in Korea'.

 V-line chins, narrow jawlines, tall noses, double eyelids, ... there's a reason why Hallyu performers looks are so heavenly sent and why we love them over Hollywood. It's all pretty well crafted.

“It could be easily assumed that 99 percent of South Korean celebrities got stuff done on their faces,” said to Dr. Park Sang- hoon, head of Seoul’s ID Hospital (

I've heard plastic surgery is almost mandatory for Kpop stars and celebrities... well, maybe not or Psy.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Hanguk Friends Drama Club meeting #2

Korean drama water bottles- How absolutely creative!

  Anyeong! The Hanguk Friends Drama club just continues to impress me. It keeps your appetite wet for being inspired to grow your passion towards things Korean and my mom loves it.

 What we appreciate about the Hanguk Friends Drama Hawaii Club is that the committee and volunteers contribute a lot of time, ideas and creativity to make these meetings entertaining and original. From the centerpieces to door prizes,